Pocket Lighter,
White Tiger Design

$36.95 $28.82

Brand Hyeil Handicrafts

This zippo style lighter is uniquely ornamented with an intricate mother of pearl design of a white tiger. Tigers, especially white tigers, are considered mystical creatures, which symbolizes bravery and courage. It was also believed that tigers have magical power that drives out devils and diseases.

The magnificent nature of mother of pearl design which keeps its bright colors changing at different agles makes this item a splendid collectable.


Item consists of...
- 1 Mother of Pearl Pocket Lighter (White Tiger Design)
- 1 Aluminum Lighter Case
*. All items delivered with proper package & special gift-wrap for free

- 5.7cm X 3.7cm (Width X Height)
*.  Approximate size may vary between ±0.1~2 inch
**. 1 inch = 2.54 cm, 0.4 inch = 1 cm

- Stainless Steel