Small Jewelry Box,
Crane & Moon Design


Brand Woojeong Mother of Pearls

This jewelry box is elegantly embellished with mother of pearl design of crane and moon. This mini-size jewelry box has a mirror and a compact inside, big enough to store valuable jewelry and other accessories. Cranes traditionally represents man of integrity and honor. This is why high ranking government officials in Joseon Dynasty(1392~1897) wore crane insignia on their uniform.

The magnificent nature of mother of pearl design which keeps its bright colors changing at different agles makes this item a splendid collectable.


Item consists of...
- 1 Mini-size Jewelry Box (Mother of pearl, Crane & Moon Design, Blue)

*. All items delivered with proper package & special gift-wrap for free

- 10.7cm X 7.8cm X 6cm (Length X Width X Height)
*.  Approximate size may vary between ±0.1~2 inch
**. 1 inch = 2.54 cm, 0.4 inch = 1 cm

- Mother of Pearl, Lacquer Wood, Hanji(Korean Traditional Paper)