Folding Jewelry Box,
Taegeuk Design


Brand Woojeong Mother of Pearls

This two-piece folding cubic jewelry box is lavishly decorated with mother of pearl Taegeuk design and connected with each other through two hinges. Each box has two drawers for storing personal fashion items and accessories.

Taegeuk refers to the ultimate reality from which all matter and value are derived. It is also the symbol that makes up the center of the South Korean Flag, Taegeukgi.


Item consists of...
- 1 Double-sided Jewelry box (Mother of pearl, Taegeuk Design)
*. All items delivered with proper package & special gift-wrap for free


- 16.9cm X 8.4cm X 8.4cm (Length X Width X Height)
*.  Approximate size may vary between ±0.1~2 inch
**. 1 inch = 2.54 cm, 0.4 inch = 1 cm

- Mother of Pearl, Lacquer Wood