Folding Fan, Pink, Butterfly & Flower

$12.95 $10.10

Brand Cats Fans & Crafts

 This beautifully colored folding fan has an attractive and traditional design of butterly &flower. When folded, this folding fan is very compact and can comfortably fit into most bags. Still, when unfolded, it is highly effective for its use as a fan. The depth of the color for this fan makes this an extremely attractive collectable.


Item consists of...
- 1 Folding Fan, 1 Macrename Knot
*. All items delivered with proper package & special gift-wrap for free

- Folding Fan : 38.5cm (Longest width, fully unfolded)
- Folding Fan(Folded) : 2.7cm X 21.5cm (Width X Height)
*.  Approximate size may vary between ±0.1~2 inch
**. 1 inch = 2.54 cm, 0.4 inch = 1 cm