Card Case,
Hangul Design


Brand Hyeil Handicrafts

This unique card case exhibits the beauty of Korean alphabet consonants with an intricate mother of pearl design. Invented in 1443 by King Sejong the Great and a selected group of Joseon scholars under his reign, the Korean writing system called Hangeul (‘Korean Writing’) is the only alphabet system in human history whose authors and date of invention are clearly known.

Records say that the 14 consonants and 10 vowels of the system were created from the basis of the Korean philosophy that the universe consists of heaven, earth and humankind, as well as the shapes of the organs that make sound. Its scientific system is regarded by international linguists as the world’s greatest alphabet system as it can express all sounds with its 14 consonants and 10 vowels. This is one of the reasons why Hangeul is regarded as the most scientific writing system in mankind has ever known.

The elaborate adornment with the iridescence of mother of pearl designs makes it an impressive item for collection. The embossed pattern on the backside surface, which helps prevent slipping, adds beautiful panache to this name card case.


Item consists of...
- 1 Card Case

*. All items delivered with proper package & special gift-wrap for free

– 9.4cm X 5.8cm X 0.8cm (Length X Width X Height)

*.  Approximate size may vary between ±0.1~2 inch
**. 1 inch = 2.54 cm, 0.4 inch = 1 cm

- Stainless, Mother of pearl, Epoxy finish

  (Epoxy finish gives gorgeous high gloss appearance)