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[pix_sm_text align="text_center" max_width="780"]KOREAN ESSENTIALS offers you arts and crafts of Korea’s utmost beauty and sentiment. Our products follow Korea’s deep and rich tradition which is the basis of its exotic beauty[/pix_sm_text]

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Korean traditional arts and crafts
Distinct aesthetic value built on 5000 years history

Like many traditional arts and crafts often do, Korean traditional arts and crafts made through master craftsmanship also represent each distinct Korean art culture and more comprehensively Korean culture as a whole. Renowned for its very detailed decoration and delicate procedure, Korean arts and crafts contain the spirits of the Korean people, ranging from moral values to trivial lifestyles which creates unique aspects of a work piece. The uniqueness of Korean traditional arts and crafts is based on the balanced form of efforts to find harmony within nature, subtle and pure colors, humble and transparent decorations. These values distinguish Korean traditional art from Chinese(strong and intense) and Japanese(fancy and decorative).

[pix_tooltip width="300" position="bottom" tooltip="KYUBANG ARTS (KOREAN TEXTILE ARTS)<BR>Kyubang - which stands for women’s quarters or women’s living room, as a place dedicated for women in the house. The room was a space where women can freely express their thoughts onto arts and crafts. As a result, it could create such a complete and rich culture. "][/pix_tooltip]                     [pix_tooltip width="300" position="bottom" tooltip="KOREAN ROYAL ARTS <BR> Most Korean traditional royal arts and crafts had extremely complicated and elaborate steps of procedures to create one finished unit. For these arts even the collection of materials were strictly prohibited outside the palace. "][/pix_tooltip]                     [pix_tooltip width="300" position="bottom" tooltip="KOREAN FORMATIVE ARTS<BR> In Korean formative art, there is much focus on the harmony with nature. It therefore has a modest, elegant and fluid sense of style. Korean traditional formative art has strived to express the fundamental form, texture, and color."][/pix_tooltip]



 Invaluable master craftsmanship
for you & your loved ones: KOREAN ESSENTIALS

KOREAN ESSENTIALS offers you products of Korea’s utmost beauty and sentiment. Our products follow Korea’s deep and rich tradition which is the basis of its exotic beauty, and yet exercises harmony with any modern lifestyle. We are dedicated in the discovery and research for Korean traditional products that will fit all life style regardless of time and place. Furthermore, we are officially funded and supported by Seoul city governing body and it guarantees qualified products, dependable infrastructure and fair trade with korean artisans and manufacturers. Under this system, we offer you arts and crafts of Master craftsmanship which go side by side with our strict quality control and customer support policy. It would make a special gift for you and your loved ones.

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Original Korean Products

[pix_dropcap]K[/pix_dropcap]orean Essentials guarantees customers with products from local Korea and its artisans only. We carefully pick our lines and proudly show to you the most qualified products with reasonable prices, which is possible as we only treat the on-site productions.

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Worldwide Shipping

[pix_dropcap]A[/pix_dropcap]ll our products are dispatched from our Seoul office and will be delivered to you safely. You'll be able to enjoy Korean tradition regardless of your location. You can learn more about our shipping policy, Here. Also, please be informed of our Free Shipping Events!

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Customer Support

[pix_dropcap]W[/pix_dropcap]e consider Korean Essentials as a way to further promote Korean culture and its products. Therefore we aim to deliver satisfaction through responsive support and transparency. Contact us at support@koreanessentials.com for any inqueries.

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24/7 Contact Us

[pix_dropcap]C[/pix_dropcap]ontact us with any inqueries. We aim to respond ASAP.
Address: #202 2FL, Daelim-Nonhyun, 132-16 Nonhyun-dong, Gangnam-gu, SEOUL(135-824), Republic of Korea
Email: support@koreanessentials.com



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KOREAN ESSENTIALS is now on Pinterest. Now you can collect our items, posts, and events on your pinterest board! on "http://pinterest.com/koressentials".
Although many of the images will also be featured in Korean Essentials Homepage, in Pinterest our team can upload more interesting and casual photos that might not feature on the homepage. So follow us and check out what we have to offer. :) The Korean Essentials team will always do our best to let you know more about Korean traditional items. Thank you.♥



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