Founded by the support from Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korean Essentials offers you products of Korea’s utmost beauty and sentiment. Our products follow Korea’s deep and rich tradition, which is the basis of its exotic beauty, and yet exercises harmony with modern interior. Please let the products of Korean Essentials add extra quality and beauty to your living, fashion, dining and entertainment.

Furthermore, Korean Essentials guarantees qualified products, dependable infrastructure and fair trade with Korean artisans and manufacturers. Under this system, we offer you arts and crafts of Master craftsmanship that go side-by-side with our strict quality control and customer support policy.

With the responsibility of further promoting Korean tradition, at Korean Essentials, we go through carefully designed procedure prior to dealing with new items to ensure guaranteed satisfaction. It would make a perfect gift for you and your loved ones. Korean Essenatials is dedicated in the discovery and research for Korean traditional products that can fit all life-styles, regardless of time and place.



● Traditional Products of Korea

Korean Essentials guarantees customers with products from local Korea and its artisans only. We carefully pick our lines and proudly show to you the most qualified products with reasonable prices, which is possible as we only treat on-site productions.

● Worldwide Shipping

All Korean Essentials products are dispatched from our Seoul office and will be delivered to you quick and safe. You can enjoy Korean tradition regardless of your location. Learn more about our shipping policy, here. Please be informed of our Free Shipping Events too!

● 24/7 Customer Support

We consider Korean Essentials as a way to further promote Korean culture and tradition. Therefore we aim to deliver satisfaction through responsive support and transparency. Contact us at for any inquiries.

● Contact Us

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